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Timeline is a card game played using 110 cards. Each card depicts certain elements (events, inventions, discoveries, etc.), on both sides, with the year in which that event occurred on only one side. Players take turns placing a card from their hand in a row on the table. After placing the card, the player reveals the date on it. If the card was placed correctly with the date in chronological order with all other cards on the table, the card stays in place; otherwise the card is removed from play and the player takes another card from the deck.

The first player to get rid of all his cards by placing them correctly wins. If multiple players go out in the same round, then everyone else is eliminated from play and each of those players are dealt one more card for another round of play. If only one player has no cards after a bonus round, he wins; otherwise play continues until a single player goes out. Easy at first, but rapidly growing more difficult, Timeline tests your knowledge and helps you learn history for all it's different versions. Each deck can be combined with any other title in the Timeline series as all cards are the same dimensions. 

Timeline: Inventions  depicts inventions, with the year in which that invention was created on only one side
Timeline: Events depicts a historical events
Timeline: Classics  encompasses multiple themes in one convenient package
Timeline: Americana takes the players through the popular history of the country; themes included are: Sports, Events, Music, Inventions, and Cinema.
Timeline: American History  depicts historical events from the earliest recorded American history through the present

For 2-5 players, ages 10 and up. Games last 30-60 minutes. The game was specially designed to be both entertaining and educational. Every park card features an interesting fact and gorgeous photograph that will inspire players to explore the protected natural wonders of America. Each game also begins with a unique setup that alters the play experience in surprising ways, allowing for endless replayability. 

Game Contents: 
1 Map Board, 45 Colored Stones
1 Leatherette Bag, 5 Wood Trekkers
15 Wood Campsites, 6 Major Park Cards
39 Park Cards, 96 Trek Cards
10 Stone Bonus Cards, 5 Player Aid Cards
1 First Player Marker, 1 Rules Booklet

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Unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms that uses a simple system which allows you to search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles. Play Unlock! to embark on great adventures, while seated at a table using only cards and a companion app that can provide clues, check codes, monitor time remaining, etc. An included ten-card tutorial allows you to learn how to play without reading the game rules. Unlock! requires a free application to be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, an internet connection is not required during game play. 

Unlock: Squeek and Sausage In the cartoon-style adventure Squeek & Sausage, you need to stop the mad Professor Noside from destroying the world. In your attempt to thwart his plot, the evil genius has caught you in a trap, and you can't stop him until you've found a way out. 
Unlock!: the Formula The Department has lost contact with one of their chemists, Dr. Hoffman. Your mission is to retrieve the truth serum he had been developing. Deep in the New York subway tunnels, you must seek out his laboratory, locate the doctor, and recover the formula before time runs out. The clock is ticking...can you escape?
Unlock! The House on the Hill At the beginning of The House on the Hill, strange, paranormal activities have surrounded an abandoned house for the past three days. When an investigation uncovers that these occult occurrences center on an excerpt read from The Book of the Dead, you and your companions are tasked to enter the house, find the book, and stop the curse…
Unlock! Tombstone Express The train you're escorting through the Wild West contains some precious cargo. It's up to you to survive the adventure and escort it home safely. Tombstone Express is a Unlock! adventure for up to six players.
Unlock! The Adventures of Oz Re-enter the land of Oz! Pay a visit to the wizard, meet some familiar friends, and challenge the Wicked Witch of the West. The Adventurers of Oz is an Unlock! adventure for up to six players.
Unlock! The Nautilus Traps When a sea monster attacks your submarine, this adventure traps you at the bottom of the sea with time and oxygen running out. It’s up to you to make your way through the depths and back to the surface in an hour.  
Unlock! The island of Doctor Goorse You and your team have crash-landed on the Island of an eccentric antiques collector in unlock! the Island of Doctor Goorse. Two to six players will be split into teams, separated in the crash, and forced to escape from two separate starting points.
Unlock! The Tonipal's Treasure The Toni pal's Treasure, sets you at the start of a hunt for the treasure of Captain Smith, hidden somewhere on Toni pal Island. As your adventure begins, you’ve been arrested by the Governor and thrown into prison—you’ll need to escape quickly, especially since Johnson, a famous treasure hunter, is also on his way to Toni pal in search of the very treasure that you seek.
Unlock! The Night of The Boogeymen Little William has been having sleepless nights as of late. The poor boy has been attacked by monsters from nightmares: the boogeymen! Under the cloak of darkness, you open William’s door to seek out the monsters. Be careful as you fight with them, William is sleeping, and you can't wake him up!
Unlock! Around the world in 80 minutes Travel "Around the world in 80 minutes" in a grand adventure inspired by Jules Verne's famous book. "I made the bet with these gentlemen from the Reform Club that we will travel around the world in 80 days. Passepartout! Hurry! The world awaits Phileas Fogg's masterstroke!"
Unlock! In the clutches of Hades Explore Mythic Greece as Alix, a slave in Greece during antiquity. Gaining your freedom will not be an easy task unless you ask the Gods for help.
Unlock!Professor Noside's animal-o-matic "The Animal-O-Matic transfers you into the body of any animal. It's not dangerous, I'm telling you! Will you stop moving James!"
Unlock! Star Wars (set)  3 different captivating Star Wars adventures! As rebels, smugglers, or imperial agents, search locations, combine items, use ships, weapons, interact with droids and machines in these three 60-minute adventures. The companion app creates the galaxy at home with sounds, music and droids.


You are bird enthusiasts--researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors--seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your aviary. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats (actions). These habitats focus on several key aspects of growth: gain food tokens via custom dice in a birdfeeder dice tower; lay eggs using egg miniatures in a variety of colors; draw from hundreds of unique bird cards and play them. The winner is the player with the most points accumulated from birds, bonus cards, end-of-round goals, eggs, cached food, and tucked birds. 

For 1-5 players, ages 14 and up, Duration of play: 40-70 min. For item availability, click here.