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Chickapig is a highly-social strategy game involving offense, defense, and avoiding poop. An exciting, fun-filled strategic board game where chicken–pig hybrids attempt to reach their goals while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an ever-menacing pooping cow. Award winner – 2019 National Parenting product Award, 2018 toy of the year nominee & “Recommended by Mensa mind games” winner!

Family-friendly game for 2 or 4 players, recommended for ages 8+. Works great with teams or as a party game, takes 30 - 60 minutes to play. For item availability, click here.


Little Joe Chickapig is gathering up animals that make hybrids like himself, and that’s not all! He’s in a race with the Cow! Every time Little Joe Chickapig finds two animals that create a hybrid, he gets to move. But every time he slips in a poop, the Cow gets to moooove! From the team that brought you Chickapig, Chickapiglets is a cooperative board game for those age 4+. Play together to cultivate teamwork, share decision making & develop cooperative problem solving. The game allows for multiple playthrough experiences, so kids can develop strategic thinking and try head-to-head game play as well as cooperative game play where everyone wins.

Family-friendly game for 2 or 4 players, recommended for ages 4+. For item availability, click here.


This game is all about building the same color trains right from caboose, to the engine, and then departing trains from the Depot Station to make room for even more trains. No pens or paper necessary, everything is in the box for between 2 and 5 players, ages 7+ to play as it always passes to the left and turns include drawing a card and moving and playing cards. 

Game Contents: 
72 playing cards
game board

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A collaborative family first board game for 1-4 players ages 2 years and up. 

These cooperative board games allow players to work together as a team to roll the dice and pick the matching fruit from the orchard before the raven makes it down the path to steal it all. If the players harvest all the fruit before the raven reaches the orchard, they win together! If the raven gets there first, they lose together. Repetitive play helps teach winning and losing and nurtures little gamers.

Game Contents: 
16 large wooden fruit pieces (4 green apples, 4 red apples, 4 yellow pears, 4 blue plums)
chunky color die
wood raven
5 path cards
4 trees
Set of game instructions


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Beat the ogre to the treasure by creating a path from START to END. Along the way collect 3 keys to open the treasure. If players do it before the ogre gets there, they all win! It's a game where everyone plays together, no one is left out, and everybody has fun!

For 2-4 players ages 5 and older. Approximate game time is 20 minutes.  

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