You can connect TOPVISION movie projector to smartphone, or laptop by USB cable directly, without HDMI adapter or Wi-Fi environment. Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick/smartphones/tablets/TV/laptop/USB sticks/TF cards (max 32GB)/DVD players. Projector with mirror display doesn't support play protected videos from smartphones, because of copyright.(Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu)

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This led projector has upgraded to 2400lux, brighter than other 1800lux led projectors. Our portable mini projector adopts a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and 16:10 aspect ratio. In the projector distance is 1.5-5.2 meters, the projection size can be applied to 50-176 inches. The recommended viewing distance is about 3m. 

Connect your iPhone/iPad to this phone projector via USB Lighting cable directly. Please choose "Trust", when the phone screen prompts whether you trust this device.
Connected to Andriod Phones by downloading an APP called"EZCast" from Google market, then open the APP and connect your smart phone to this photo projector.
Note: Please plug the USB cable into the "OUT 5V" port of this mini projector.(NOT USB port)